Saturday, March 13, 2010

Recrap to a Minimum

Recrap: to sum up a discussion composed largely of useless bullshit.


Person 1: "Tell me about Ms. Petunia's amazing talent at gold mining!"
Person 2: "It's a rather complicated craft that's passed down through generations, but allow me to recrap..."

Person 3: "What did your mother-in-law say about Skipper's spastic brain damage?"
Person 4: "It's such a pity, but I'll try to recrap what she said for you.."

*Definition courtesy of, the best site for awesome, witty, word-inventing peoples of the world


Mraz Gal said...

Gimli: Hey, Aragorn was tellng me how amused you were that Balrog was trying to snoop in on your blog, visiting each page. What do you think is up with that, old man? That Balrog, what a loser.
Gandalf: Recrapulation is required.

Chuckita Norris said...

Saw the crap boat captain bobbing up and down in its yellow submarine.