Sunday, March 29, 2009

Power to the Peeps!

There's no better PMS food in the world than Marshmallow Peeps, 2 boxes (!!!) of which I had to pick up at the cargo place, sent to me by my dear mother.

Army of Peeps: "We stick to the lining of your stomach forever!" (just kidding)

Reliving my childhood years as a sugar junkie, I found myself shoveling one peep after another into my mouth.

Yellow Peep: "Eat me!"

"Yeah, PMS sucks. It's a good thing you have Peeps to stuff in your mouth to keep you from saying mean things to people!" - Sheila

Happy birthday, Sheila!


sheila said...

Yo! I just read this! You can see all the sugary goodness up close. Hahaha, did I really say that?!?

Nicole said...

Yeah dude we were at your party remember! After you asked me a million times, "what's your cheese?" Hahahahaha