Monday, February 9, 2009

On Stillness

Can you be still, without thinking?

above: Siddartha Gautama Buddha, one of my great grandfather's many amulets

"Here is your safety. This is going to be your special place. When you feel confused or when someone is trying to make you what you are not, come back to this Bodhi tree. Sit and close your eyes. Wait for silence. Do nothing to make it come to you. It will come of its own accord."
- Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment, by Deepak Chopra


Sheila said...

and then we can have a statue dance of stillness in the party... I wonder what's my therapy?

Nicole said...

Can we do a robot dance too? Please please please!

Hmmm that's tricky. What about teaching?

Pwede rin jumping jacks!