Saturday, February 7, 2009

Back to Film

We lucky stumbled upon Rico's old film SLR which is a Pentax P30T Film SLR. When we used to have photography classes in school, digital cameras weren't as popular as how it is right now. (almost every single person owns a digital camera, and families invest in a digital SLR)

I remember how I loved and hated the class. Loved it because, well for the simple reason that it's photography. Hated it because it was just freaking expensive to buy film and have it developed every week (with a student's allowance). So the bottom line is; I never really got into it and I slightly regretted it.

But now that the opportunity has presented itself again I can't help but not succumb to an old flame. It feels like an indulgent hobby, but the thrill of the chase makes it all worth it.

I'm loving the fact that I'm never quite sure how the picture is going to turn out. This process has taught me to rekindle the flame of joyful abandonment...

the one that kinda reminds you that the on-going wow is happening right now.


Nicole said...

Yo! Were those pics taken in Talisay?

Film really renders more interesting results than digital cameras, don't they?

Wonderful, wonderful!

Sheila said...

Nope, that was in UP. Yeah, that whole old school effect... more grainy? I'm really getting into this whole slow down movement. Let's have a monks/jedi party. Come as your favorite monk or jedi.

Nicole said...

That's great! Right now we're looking for that book on slowing down.. It was written by that guy on TED who talked about the whole movement.

Can I come as a Buddhist monk?
A slug?
A tree swaying in the wind?