Friday, January 30, 2009

Duck-flavored Coffee

I was feeling quite snoozy one humid afternoon and was about to doze off when my finger puppet duck (who was, before his attempted suicide, resting on the tip of a pencil eraser) took a dive into my coffee.

I randomly picked up this pack of animal finger puppets (a set of 10, for all of a normal person's fingers!) on a shopping spree at Ikea one summer.

They have proven to be quite effective in entertaining me during my more solitary moments (like racking my brain over something to write, the grand mental circuses in my head, cookie-cutter moments in my job hunting phases).

Yes, we communicate telepathically.

I only have four left now, since I have given them away one by one to my friends (and baby cousins) who still appreciate the beauty and comforts of being childlike from time to time despite the demands of acting like an adult and taking life more seriously in this so-called real world.

Do you still remember what it's like to be a kid?


john&carla said...

oi hay there! hehehe I have the frog parrot panda and monkey! heheheh shucks what happened to the duck? quack!

Nicole said...

I think it's because it was hot...
So he just dove in. Quack!