Friday, January 30, 2009

Animals Gone Wild

Kamasutra for Dummies
(Wild Edition)

By the way, no animals were harmed or damaged in any way.
They were all fully aware that this was "just" a one-night thing.

Duck-flavored Coffee

I was feeling quite snoozy one humid afternoon and was about to doze off when my finger puppet duck (who was, before his attempted suicide, resting on the tip of a pencil eraser) took a dive into my coffee.

I randomly picked up this pack of animal finger puppets (a set of 10, for all of a normal person's fingers!) on a shopping spree at Ikea one summer.

They have proven to be quite effective in entertaining me during my more solitary moments (like racking my brain over something to write, the grand mental circuses in my head, cookie-cutter moments in my job hunting phases).

Yes, we communicate telepathically.

I only have four left now, since I have given them away one by one to my friends (and baby cousins) who still appreciate the beauty and comforts of being childlike from time to time despite the demands of acting like an adult and taking life more seriously in this so-called real world.

Do you still remember what it's like to be a kid?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Odd invitation

Spent a Sunday at La Mesa Ecopark and found some old- school graffiti.

I wonder what the "Butete" gangsters do on a Friday night or if they have a secret handshake?

Hello change, it's nice to meet you.

Here's to being part of the of the generation that can cause a memorable change reaction.

Inaugural words of Pres. Obama (lifted from the NY Times multimedia section)

As we continue to hope while crossing our fingers, may we constantly remember that it takes small but consistent steps for us to change the world. It boils down to being aware of how we can actively participate in the chaotic yet moving world of humanity.

You don't have to be part of an institution to become a change-maker or to wax intellectually about sustainability or social activism. All of a sudden everyone has become aware that we are all capable to become free-agents for change. Because at the end of the day (not to sound preachy), it simply boils down to kindness. It's the random but constant act of kindness towards humanity that initiates long-lasting progress. Slowly, but surely.

We can start with this. :)

There are some great tips and "activities" that you can do to make a significant difference in school or your own communities. Just a simple reminder, have fun being kind.

Pass it on.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Dose of Introspection

Introspection always does a great deal of good, for the entire universe is a manifestation of your mind.

...And because there is nothing more calming and reassuring in this world of chaos and suffering than Eastern Philosophy.