Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Walking around, I saw...

Photographs of NYC during its last days of summer. 

I had no idea! But then again, nowadays you can fry almost anything, including your brain. Click here for recipe.

Yummy yummy treats for my tummy! I had chocolate covered strawberries, though. But these look delicious as well, wouldn't you agree?

Arc of balloons on every block. Reminded me of a DNA double helix.

"We have not inherited the world from our forefathers -- we have borrowed it from our children." - Kashmiri proverb

Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger... Mushroom, mushroom! (please click this link, I beg of you. It's insane)

"We have staff to answer the phones, 877-234-6545, and immediately offer you the help that you require to meet your portable sanitation needs." - A Royal Flush, Inc.


Nick said...

Wow! Those deep fried oreos and the strawberries are to die for! (especially the oreos, diabetic and cholesterol galore!)

You should see the Lord of the Rings version of the badger song. :D

Nicole said...

Hahaha I'll check it out! What's with us and mind numbing videos :D

Monch said...

Deep Fried Oreos!!! wow!

and Fried Ice Cream! sarap!

Her traverse is perverse. said...

hey. diba may deep-fried oreos sa flaming wings? :)

i wanna try the brain fry. but where the hell do i get goat brains? :|

badgerbadgerbadger got me thru boring classes last year. :))


Nicole said...

You have to own your own goat, silly! What do you think of a do-it-yourself goat brain fry, hmm?

Badgerbadgerbadger drove everyone at the SPO insane when I played it simultaneously on 3 PCs a few years ago :))