Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall and Rain

Summer is finally making its transition into fall. Walking around the city, my attention was called by the drama of it: brown leaves on the ground, the cool breeze, grey skies and scattered rainfall. 

A pile of brown leaves gather at a small gate near the United Nations General Assembly Building.

I saw a bunch of these spraypainted on the street and wondered whether they were meant to serve as location markings of some sort, or marked randomly (meaning, whichever curb the artist happened to be sitting on at that moment, taking a break from life). Doodling away. Spraypaint as a medium, asphalt as a canvas. 

One would never conceive that bunnies were as special as deer so as to be watched out for while driving. Until the unraveling of this road sign. Hail to egalitarianism

For additional information, kindly refer to the  House Rabbit Society and  Deer Crossing Signs and Technologies websites.

I was watching the downpour from a local coffee shop, musing over the usual questions.

It's boot season, everyone! Don't forget to carry around an umbrella at all times.

"Fall is my favorite season in Los Angeles, watching the birds change color and fall from the trees." - David Letterman


Sheila said...

N.Y. Looks beautiful! Wish I could visit... But before that Amsterdam!

Nicole said...

Space cakes!

Nick said...

Rabbits should not be taken so lightly too! They make the world a happier place... :p

Nicole said...

True, true!
I remember that bunny commercial from Sony Bravia that you so so love :)