Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Peace List

As a follow up to my last entry on my not-so-Zen visit to the Mahayana Buddhist Temple, this post is inspired by and dedicated to the concept of inner peace.

Sheila, who used to teach the most adorable preschoolers on earth, shared with us The Peace Book, which made us extremely happy and relieved that the possibility of achieving peace is not as complicated as one (an adult in this day and age?) might think. The Peace Book summarizes/illustrates a child's simple, honest and sincere definitions of peace such as "giving a friend a hug", "listening to all sorts of music", "being free"...

Because of this, I took to making my own Peace List as well (taken from an entry in my Doodle Notebook three months ago):

Peace is having a nice, long talk over ice-cold beer.

Peace is listening to the sound of the ocean.

Peace is writing to your heart's content.

Peace is taking photographs of beautiful Philippine sunsets.

Peace is backpacking with your best friend.

Kudos to Todd Parr for sharing with the world books that are "cheerful, kind-hearted, refreshing and reassuring"!

More to come.

You can make your own Peace List as well! What are the simple things in your life that make you feel peace in your heart?


Jayson said...

great pic especially the last one. love the green tall trees. reminds me of something.

Nicole said...

Thanks! The last pic was taken in Baguio, Camp John Hay. Beautiful isn't it?

Sheila said...

That's Camp John Hay?! I didn't recognize it! Oh-wow!

Nicole said...

Yeah! That was from our creativity trip :D